Wednesday, August 26, 2015

perfect timing—dry until we were "landed"

Today's hike was with 10 people who had good balance, swift feet, and dry clothing. We went up to Bonito Pass, saw the Elephantella shriveled — once or twice frozen. We hiked to the 11,770' overlook on the Continental Divide Trail, then started down gradually. The steep topography is awesome, even though the narrow path is washing away in some spots. The big rock slide had no elk today. We turned right (East) at Silver Pass, descending to the roadway. Four drivers went up to the parking spot and came down to rescue people who were enjoying the beginning of the rain.

When I got home, I unplugged my camera from its recharge position. I had walked out the door without it, so there are no pictures today.

Dennis has a hike up above timberline scheduled for tomorrow. If the weather cooperates, it should be a new adventure. If rain is in the offing, there may be some adjustments.
Next Monday I'll lead a nice hike along W. Alder Creek, while Wayne attends a funeral in Kansas. We'll hike on Wednesday and Thursday as well.
Thank you all for participating. —Doug Knudson

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