Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2 Sentinel Photos

The people shown strolling in the woods and the lazy photographer inhabited the crown of Sentinel Mountain for about 45 minutes today.  A fifth one focused on some of the lower elevation but steep sights.  Barbara requested this hike before she goes home in a couple of weeks.  Perfect weather, mostly blue skies with timely cooling clouds that did not precipitate.   I think this hike let us know that more intensive conditioning would make things easier.  Keep hiking and enjoy vigorous health.
Next week, Judy and I will be leading a couple of hikes for Ute Mountain and Southern Ute high school kids in the Black Forest near Colorado Springs.  They are studying the long-known ancient "culturally modified trees."  The kids become quite excited when they learn of and see the ancient signal and prayer trees scattered through our state.  These are the trees modified by their own ancestors—living evidence of Ute people still extant.  It's a privilege to be part of this one-week camp with Ute leaders and CMT experts who work across this continent.  It suggests to me that Kit Carson and Antoine Leroux were great guides because they could "read" the CMTs after living for years with Utes and other tribal people.
While we're having exciting fun in the woods away from home, perhaps Wayne or Dennis or someone else will inform you of Wednesday hiking plans.
— Doug Knudson
We were 4 on the top


An unusually shaped Mountain Ball Cactus, with a green neighbor.


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