Thursday, August 20, 2015

Alberta lake hike

I give up, no more looking for King Boletes for me; Pat E, Pat F & I looked high and low North of Alberta Lake for boletes and all we found were a big bunch of chanterelles.  Any other year the chanterelles would be scarce but not this year.
The pond is about 1/2 mile NW of the lake and last year it had bunches of water dogs in it, but this year we didn't see any at all, I wonder if they froze out last winter.......
Next Thursday we will be back to destination hikes, we will visit Frisco Lakes.  I have been on top of Bennett Peak several times and looked down on the lakes but never actually got to them, so this next week we will go to them.  We will start at Blowout Pass and skirt the South and SE edge of Bennett to get there, should be a fairly easy hike.
Be sure to come next Monday to enjoy a hike with Wayne.............9AM at the Visitor Center.


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