Wednesday, August 24, 2016

9 Wednesday hike Photos

We postponed our hike up the wet rocks of Pool Table  Mountain (a long flat peak at 12,225').  The group chose Lost Lake as our close-in destination. That was well chosen.  

We were a bit damp now and then, but from the prominence above the lake, we could see Pool Table Mtn. getting clouds, rain, and sometimes disappearing altogether, about 35 miles to the North.  We observed that the Lost Lake is back to nearly full.  The Douglas-fir growing on the impressive pile of rocks is still almost intact (one big branch has removed itself). The scenic views are still terrific up the Rio Grande to Wagon Wheel Gap and also out into the SLValley bottom lands.

Our hikers were 3 from the Creede countryside and 6 from South Fork.  All enjoyed the very cool 
August temperature.  The precipitation was miniscule--a few minutes of misty moisture. The grass was wetter than the rain.  

We will have hikes again next Monday and Wednesday.  The weather forecasts suggest that next Wednesday we can hike up Pool Table Mountain with little or no likelihood of precipitation. I will add that this may allow us some very special distant views of nature and our local history.  Keep tuned..

Please note that I've distributed this communication with blind carbon copy addresses. This is in response to several individual preferences and other advisors who suggest that privacy is more and more important.  There may be undesirable consequences if our e-mail addresses are too readily available to unknown sources.  

9 headed up to Lost Lake

Tasty rose hips—health food for all

We found Lost Lake--fuller than we've seen it in 2 or 3 years.

D-fir root, our little peak, and DelNorte Pk

What living in rocks can do for your complexion.

The giant Douglas-fir of the rocks

 Note the Rio Grande heading into South Fork from the NW.

Where we went for lunch

A cliff-hanger!  Our dental expert seeks information on how long this "tooth" can sit on this precipice.

A few Continental Divide Photos

Hiking into the Clouds on the Continental Divide is a special experience. We were glad to share it with several new hikers.  The cloudy/misty/sunny day was perfect for going uphill and not slippery coming back.  The changes in the Wolf Creek Ski Area were interesting.  Although I've reached my maturity, I'm not going to ski down that nasty little peak in the middle picture--even if Eve does it.  If my maturity is to continue a while longer, I'd rather prevent accidents and hike harder than I ski.  
Flowers are dropping their seeds and looking a bit over-mature.  

We'll hope for good weather on Wednesday and try to top out on Pool Table Mountain, where several of our hikers haven't set foot before.  Please wear high-top shoes or boots.  A portion (20% maybe) of the trip is on rocks that aren't exactly smooth, although not dangerous.  9 a.m. at the Visitor Center or meet us at the 149 turn-off just NW of Wagon Wheel Gap.  If it is sprinkling, we'll try a lower hike in the area.  Afternoon rain is predicted, but the hike will be over by 12:45-1.00 pm, if all goes well.  This is a great place to view the eastern side of the one of the biggest  volcanic calderas in the nation.  

You'll also be walking in the steps of John C. Fremont, who almost died here, but survived to come close to being US President (James Buchanan eked out a win and has been often voted as our worst president).

At  Wolf Creek Pass  (the grassy area beside the slightly elevated trail is forming the high point of Wolf Creek, flowing slowly to the SW.

Into the woods

Lady in the Clouds

Cloud flowers

Happiness near the peak—almost there

Great Hang-out!  That little trail is the mighty Continental Divide National Scenic Trail.  Looks precarious!

Wind from West

Above 2 roads we ride  Hwy 160 in middle   Lobo Overlook Trail above

Alpine Sunflowers  Past their glorious peak

What ridge living can do for you

not exactly delicate, but they're hardy

Cowboy Cookout

We will have a Cowboy Cookout on Sunday, August 28th at 1:00 pm.  The location is planned for the same area we usually use.  This is off the Willow Park Road and Shaw Mesa Road left on Forest Road 340.  Bring your choice of meat to cook on the grill, a side dish to share, plates, utensils, chairs and a table if you want to eat off one.  This is a time to get out and enjoy our mountains, fellowship and a good meal.  Hope to see you on Sunday.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Silverthreaders Meeting

The club meeting for August will be Tuesday, August 16th, at the Community Building in South Fork.  Pot Luck Meal at 6:30 pm, with club meeting to follow.  We hope to see you on Tuesday.  Thanks, Elizabeth

ATV Ride

The club ATV Ride for Tuesday, August16th, will be up to Big Meadow and on to the back of the 4UR Ranch.  This is a 50” side by side friendly ride.  Meet at the Visitor’s Center and be ready to leave at 9:00 am.  Hope to see you on Tuesday.

Moonlight outing

moonlight outing will be this Wednesday at shaw mesa, come up about 7pm and join us for an evening of food, fun and fellowship under the full moon.  Mary & I will bring the food, drinks, condiments and paper products, please bring  something to go with the brats and dogs......


We are looking forward to seeing all of you and if you have a friend(s), invite them to come also.


Thanks, Dennis

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trip to Model T Park

High above South Fork

9 of us+1 (Tim in the middle)

Trees in recovery 2016

The melting Ford Touring car

Driving lesson for Ebony

Sinking Model T Touring Car 1914?

Aspen Lane filling up

? Dwarf Golden Aster

Aspen Daisies

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ATV Ride and Work Day

Friday, 8-12-2016, will be a work day for trails.  If you can go and would like to ride one of the club ATVs, please call Harry at 873-5875.  Meet at the Visitor’s Center and be ready to leave at 9:00 am.  Hope to see you on Friday.  If the weather is bad, rain, etc., this ride will be canceled.  Thanks

Monday, August 8, 2016

Farmer's Creek Trail;

A big bunch of hikers (counts ranged from 24 to 28) ventured forth on a long trail into the mountains SE of Creede. We welcome the new-comers  who joined us for a first or second time.  Keep coming.  

Wednesday hike:
We will exercise your deep breathing and graceful walking on Wednesday coming up (9 am departure from the Visitor Center.  The current plan is a walk through the 15-year-old aspen (re-covering Beaver Mountain, just south of town). This gives us a nice walk (total of about 7 miles, round trip), including a visit to a lovely meadow above town, During lunch we will check on the ancient vehicle that sits in the middle of the meadow (called Model T Park).  

Sometimes, when we are quiet hikers, we get to see some elk grazing in the meadow.  We also get a chance to see how natural reforestation has occurred.  

This area is becoming attractive to Autumn Leaf Peepers; in ten years, this could be the State's most brilliant Fall color show.

For those who prefer a shorter outing, it is easy to turn back at any point, following the same trail we go up.

Note:  If rainy weather and/or lightning should threaten in the morning, we may adjust our destination.  
— Doug Knudson  719-873-5239

Off we go

lone tree

The way up

The Rio Grande

A Forest Form

Seated hikers, perhaps wondering about all these footloose and fancy free hikers.

Going home!

Winding our Way

Down and Around

Rio Grande  S of Creede

ATV Ride Tuesday 8-9-2016

The club ATV ride on Tuesday, 8-9-2016, will be Pearle Lakes to Carson and back.  Because of the travel time to unload, plan to leave the Visitor Center at 8:00 am.  Side by side friendly up to 50”.  Questions, call Connie at 850-9930.  Hope to see you then.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

ATV Workday

ATV Workday Friday, August 5th.  Plan is to work on 898 and Shady Creek trails.  If anyone wants to ride the club work machines, Connie is looking for volunteers.  Plan to leave the Visitor’s Center at 9:00 am.  Hope to see you then.  Connie’s phone number is 850-9930, please contact her if you are willing to ride a club work machine.  Thank you.

Trip to the Top of Bennett Peak

Eleven durable hikers walked to the top (some very near the top) of big, round Bennett Peak, one of the highest mountains south of U.S. Highway 160.
Flowers abound.
Finally, some sprinkles fell. We all descended in time to avoid lightning and heavy rain.
Recommendation:  Every hiker should ascend this peak for the beauty and huge "picture" of the area where we live.  

Next hikes--about the same distance, but at a different location: Monday, leaving South Fork Visitor Center at 9 a.m.
Wednesday, same time/place unless announced differently.

Part way up

Vistas Magnificas

Alpine sunflower

Tall chiming bells


Looking South

Frosty Ball = Alpine Thistle

Timberline trees

Misty view S from the pass

Hikers on abused ATV ad hoc route

Deep Creek Photos

Hi, folks:  Sorry about this Monday hike report.  I just learned that it slipped into "waiting"  for some reason.  
Here it is, to be followed shortly by the High Point hike to the top of Bennett Peak today (Wednesday).

Monday had about 2 dozen hikers up near Creede to hike Deep Creek.  

Ready to go.

The Creek isn't so deep, but its canyon is.


A flying cross greeted us.

Looks like a Nelson or Mountain Larkspur

Some found the sitting pretty nice.

Damp leaves

Moving on down

Dennis and I  called it twinflower. But we'll accept a more precise name.  It was stated with great caution that this is poisonous.

One of the many yellow flowers.  Help if you know which one.

Leaving the canyon, with an aerial guide.

Thanks to all the people who hike with us.  Some are already heading home to Texas. Others are newly arrived here.  

Wednesday's hike is at high altitude (11,500-13,300) as we walk up Bennett Peak.  This is a 3.2-mile walk from a high (rough) parking place to a rounded mountain.  Most hikers make it up, but normally several get satisfaction from a partial ascent.  No tricky ropes or dangers.  However, this is a rocky mountain and is best walked in leather shoes with sturdy soles.  Weather may be a factor that will adjust our target.  We have plead with the Forest Service to ban mechanized ascents due to the ripping up and widening of the trail(s) to the top, but have not yet succeeded.  Depart at 9 a.m. from the Visitor Center.  Low slung vehicles are not recommended.