Wednesday, August 24, 2016

9 Wednesday hike Photos

We postponed our hike up the wet rocks of Pool Table  Mountain (a long flat peak at 12,225').  The group chose Lost Lake as our close-in destination. That was well chosen.  

We were a bit damp now and then, but from the prominence above the lake, we could see Pool Table Mtn. getting clouds, rain, and sometimes disappearing altogether, about 35 miles to the North.  We observed that the Lost Lake is back to nearly full.  The Douglas-fir growing on the impressive pile of rocks is still almost intact (one big branch has removed itself). The scenic views are still terrific up the Rio Grande to Wagon Wheel Gap and also out into the SLValley bottom lands.

Our hikers were 3 from the Creede countryside and 6 from South Fork.  All enjoyed the very cool 
August temperature.  The precipitation was miniscule--a few minutes of misty moisture. The grass was wetter than the rain.  

We will have hikes again next Monday and Wednesday.  The weather forecasts suggest that next Wednesday we can hike up Pool Table Mountain with little or no likelihood of precipitation. I will add that this may allow us some very special distant views of nature and our local history.  Keep tuned..

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9 headed up to Lost Lake

Tasty rose hips—health food for all

We found Lost Lake--fuller than we've seen it in 2 or 3 years.

D-fir root, our little peak, and DelNorte Pk

What living in rocks can do for your complexion.

The giant Douglas-fir of the rocks

 Note the Rio Grande heading into South Fork from the NW.

Where we went for lunch

A cliff-hanger!  Our dental expert seeks information on how long this "tooth" can sit on this precipice.

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