Monday, August 8, 2016

Farmer's Creek Trail;

A big bunch of hikers (counts ranged from 24 to 28) ventured forth on a long trail into the mountains SE of Creede. We welcome the new-comers  who joined us for a first or second time.  Keep coming.  

Wednesday hike:
We will exercise your deep breathing and graceful walking on Wednesday coming up (9 am departure from the Visitor Center.  The current plan is a walk through the 15-year-old aspen (re-covering Beaver Mountain, just south of town). This gives us a nice walk (total of about 7 miles, round trip), including a visit to a lovely meadow above town, During lunch we will check on the ancient vehicle that sits in the middle of the meadow (called Model T Park).  

Sometimes, when we are quiet hikers, we get to see some elk grazing in the meadow.  We also get a chance to see how natural reforestation has occurred.  

This area is becoming attractive to Autumn Leaf Peepers; in ten years, this could be the State's most brilliant Fall color show.

For those who prefer a shorter outing, it is easy to turn back at any point, following the same trail we go up.

Note:  If rainy weather and/or lightning should threaten in the morning, we may adjust our destination.  
— Doug Knudson  719-873-5239

Off we go

lone tree

The way up

The Rio Grande

A Forest Form

Seated hikers, perhaps wondering about all these footloose and fancy free hikers.

Going home!

Winding our Way

Down and Around

Rio Grande  S of Creede

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