Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ATV Ride

Next Tuesday (7/5) our ATV ride will be to Blowout and trail 700. This tide is 50" SxS friendly. Meet at the Visitor Center parking lot before 9AM.


ATV Ride

Friday's ride will be a fun ride (non-work). We will ride Pass Creek. Meet at the Visitor Center parking lot a 9 AM. This ride is 50" SxS friendly.


7 Photos on an unnamed ridge

Eight of us went uphill to a ridge-top, a place overlooking South Fork and environs, 

On the way up--ancient trees and other-age trees—mostly Ponderosa and limber pines

Resting Rock relieves the pull to the top.

2002 fire in Willow park

2002 Survivors 

spiral log holds wrestler

The descent wasn't easy

But Joan's smiles reigned—welcome!

So close to South Fork, yet remote when we're in the woods, then suddenly we're looking through burned trees at Willow Park residences.
Then 11 a.m. snacks and searching for a way down toward Church Creek. We had descended too far North to have to ford the Creek, so we strolled and rolled over to our shuttle.  We got home as a few sprinkles started a very soaking shower.  Nice day with good sports.

We'll hike again on Monday (the 4th) and Wednesday, departing the Visitor Center at 9 a.m. each day.  Remember the South Fork Independence Day activities are on Sunday the 3rd, with an after lunch parade, where our hikers and seated gentry strut their stuff.  Check the Visitor Center for details.

July 4th (3rd) Parade

The Silverthreader Club will participate in the parade for South Fork on July 3rd, anyone interested in riding their ATV, bicycle or walking is welcome to join in.  The parade is scheduled for 3:00 pm, they would like for us to stage at 2:00 pm.  The route is the same as last year.  You may decorate your mode of transportation or not.  Candy to throw is always a crowd pleaser.  Hope to see you on Sunday.  Thank you


Monday, June 27, 2016

Middle San Francisco Creek Hike

20 of us enjoyed "flowers galore" along the busy Middle San Francisco Creek this Monday morning.  Several new faces joined us and hiked with enthusiasm and vigor.  One exclaimed "It couldn't be more beautiful than this."

On Wednesday (9:am) we will continue a scenic floral journey, but on a different route, seldom visited but clearly visible from down town South Fork.  This one takes us up a park road, then into the woods. We'll wind around to the top of a hill's long and broad ridge. From this broad ridge we will see the results of the 2002 forest fire on our left (we usually stay in the live trees).  On the right are forest stands that escaped the fire. Then we descend to Church Creek and on down our way to a shuttle awaiting us.  Drivers will return you to the starting point.  
Hiking boots are suggested; this is fairly smooth walking, but not a trail, Little tennis shoes may be uncomfortable.  Two years ago, a once wealthy lady lost a diamond earring on this route. We can be on the lookout for it.  Diamonds or other jewelry aren't recommended accoutrements for this activity.  
We have chosen this route because of the rain schedule we've been experiencing in early to mid afternoon. A poncho or rain jacket might be useful.

—Doug Knudson   719-873-5239

Wild rose


Winding upward

Future destination, from the trail

Middle Frisco Cr. 

Water does fall


Golden Banner

Looks like Am. Bistort

Cliff over Mid Frisco Cr.

Mtn. lupine

Friday, June 24, 2016

ATV ride

ATV next Tuesday will be to Bristal Head. This ride will be SxS friendly. Come and enjoy.
Meet in the Visitor Center parking lot at 9AM ready to ride.


ATV ride

ATV ride today (6/24). It may be a work ride if someone brings a chainsaw; otherwise, we will have an easy ride. Harry is not able to ride today.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Alpine flowers and nine fine hikers

It was a great day for those of us who enjoy colorful flowers. We also enjoyed the alpine views of the whole countryside.  What a set of views from the top of Del Norte Peak!  Nine hikers made it to two high points.  

At about 1:30, we experienced new winds and descended into the subalpine.  About a mile from the vehicles, we were pelted by hail (small) and heard some sharp rumblings.  The rumblings turned into some sharp and noisy lightning.  One, not far from the cars, got us some proximity to a lightning bolt, although we were stretched out separately.  Then we reached the cars with no damage to them or us.  (I had been praying.)  The Forest Service had an observer going up the road that we went down.

Over the next several weeks, the colors and variety of flowers are worth individual hikes through this subalpine and alpine landscape.  

Join us for hiking on Monday and Wednesday.  

Reminder for my benefit:  Friday at 2:00 p.m., I'll start a talk and discussion about the Old Spanish Trail, one of our longest National Historic Trails (Santa Fe to Los Angeles). 
The free talk will be at the beautiful county library in Del Norte.  
The 2000 mile trail (three variants) involved Ute and Paiute and Navajo people, the San Luis Valley, Kit Carson and lots of lesser known travelers, including scientists, traders, muleteers, Yankees, Mexican citizens, etc.  I'll try to make a good discussion of this beautiful trail, with emphasis on this valley.  Judy and I have been officers of the Old Spanish Trail Association in the past and continue without titles. 
We would appreciate your attendance and questions.  If you haven't yet gotten acquainted with our County Museum, this is a good chance to do so (on the same block as the Conoco Station, right at the traffic light).

9 of us climbed today

Nice red alpine flowers that escaped two flower books.

Subalpine Jacob's Ladder

Walking in grassy alpine

Come meet this guy!

Alpine phlox

Alpine clover or Dwarf Clover

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Silverthreaders Club meeting - TONIGHT

The June  Club Meeting is Tonight June 21st. Potluck at 6:30 PM, with meeting to follow at the South Fork Community Center. Come and enjoy.

Elizabeth Baugh, President

10 hike Photos June 20

16 stalwarts, including several tough new folks, took a walk on and near old forest road 340, including some shoe washing in a lively creek, a rest in a big meadow, a view of Del Norte Peak from 10,500', some bark beetle kill, lots of aspen coming back, and an almost constant presence of flowers in bloom.

Join us on Wednesday for a nice hike starting just below timberline and terminating on top of Del Norte Peak, if the weather allows.  Along the way are beautiful stopping places if your knees start wobbling. We will return nearly the same way we go up.  This is one of the favorite hikes of the summer.  We watch for elk,  gaze at a lot of peaks in the Southern San Juans, and try to imagine the names of all the alpine flowers that are emerging.

Tomorrow night, the SilverThread group eats together at the Community Center, introduces people and projects in a short business meeting.  Gather about 6:15.  Bring a dish with some healthy hiking food if you can.  All you new folks are welcome.

Well, we were 16 at the start, the turn-around rest stop,  and the finish, but not here.

Golden banner

That's Wed. destination 

Lonely old aspen

Ancient lonely aspens

Bug kill and survivors

Shady destination rest

Alpine Sandwort 


The dominant flower

Thursday, June 16, 2016

All but two missed a great one

People were here climbing the rocks.  One was a 9-year-old (or less) who bounced up the rock, slipped back a few times and swung around to go higher. She obviously trusted the rope and the holder.  David and I decided pedestrian locomotion was more our style.
  We got to see some of the new bike/hike trails and the usual impressive views of the San Juans and the Sangre de Cristos.  Recommendation:
don't miss the Penitente Canyon. Take your guests there.  

Coming events:   Moon light night on Shaw Mesa.  I think it is Saturday night at about 6:30.  Bring some things to heat and eat.  
Contact: Dennis Shepherd 785-215-5334
Next Monday:  Hike at 9 a.m.
Next Wednesday:  I hope to stroll up to the top of Del Norte Peak and hope you'll join me, even if you want to admire the country from the saddle.  9 a.m. depart from Visitor Center.  Hike about 3 miles up and 3 down.  It's a pleasant hike. Please join me.  (If the snow lingers, we may have to take a lower elevation walk.)








How can a tree grow on a rock?

face on the canyon

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ghost Lake hike

West of Creede, under the towers of Bristol Head, 20 hikers enjoyed a few miles (5) of walking on a lovely day, with calm (sometimes) and brisk (other times) winds. We were pleased to enjoy the company of several "new" vigorous walkers.  Ghost Lake was a fine stopping and lunching point, although we may have disturbed the day for an unseen bear.

We'll hike again on Wednesday, elsewhere.  We depart at 9:00 a.m.  My aim (pending good weather) is the famous Penitente Canyon.
— Doug Knudson

20 ready to hike

Chainsaw Training

Forest Service is having a free Chainsaw training class on Wednesday (6/22). For those of you with a chainsaw, it is a good opportunity refresh your skills and pickup a few safety tips. There are a few slots left in this class.  This helps the Silverthreaders club by having more individuals qualified to help clear the ATV trails.

If interested contact Dennis Vincent at 719-658-2556.

ATV Ride

ATV ride to Shady Creek and 898 Trails. This is a 50" SxS friendly ride. Meet at the SF Visitor Center at 9 AM Tuesday (6/14).


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trash Pickup

As part of our club's community service, several times a year we pickup trash along 2 miles of US 160. Thursday is our next scheduled pickup day. We will meet in the SF Visitor center parking lot at 10 AM Thursday (6/9).

Remember: "Many hands make light work."

Elizabeth Baugh


We've got scenery and flowers!

Nice hike on Monday!  Ages 12 to 80 went high up a hill and virtually floated down to the little creek and back up a little.  I couldn't help but include a couple of pictures from yesterday's scouting trip up at Wolf Creek Pass.  The snow isn't gone, but it's going fast.  Kids threw snowballs and skidded on plastic platters.  One group of 8 (international) lit out to the north of the pass after the cloudy skies and rain passed at 2:30 p.m.  Another group of hikers is coming from the south on pretty slippery snow/water.  

Down lower on the Trout Creek trail, the flowers are out and I'm already puzzled about the big mushrooms.  Who can beat Dennis to the ID!

Next hike is Wednesday, leaving the visitor center at 9 a.m.

To storm or not!    Alberta Peak yesterday

June 5!

June 5 CDT


Springtime aspen

Stemless eve. primrose

Mtn. Lupine

Big Mushroom

Golden Banner

Mtn Lupine

Rock Clematis