Tuesday, June 21, 2016

10 hike Photos June 20

16 stalwarts, including several tough new folks, took a walk on and near old forest road 340, including some shoe washing in a lively creek, a rest in a big meadow, a view of Del Norte Peak from 10,500', some bark beetle kill, lots of aspen coming back, and an almost constant presence of flowers in bloom.

Join us on Wednesday for a nice hike starting just below timberline and terminating on top of Del Norte Peak, if the weather allows.  Along the way are beautiful stopping places if your knees start wobbling. We will return nearly the same way we go up.  This is one of the favorite hikes of the summer.  We watch for elk,  gaze at a lot of peaks in the Southern San Juans, and try to imagine the names of all the alpine flowers that are emerging.

Tomorrow night, the SilverThread group eats together at the Community Center, introduces people and projects in a short business meeting.  Gather about 6:15.  Bring a dish with some healthy hiking food if you can.  All you new folks are welcome.

Well, we were 16 at the start, the turn-around rest stop,  and the finish, but not here.

Golden banner

That's Wed. destination 

Lonely old aspen

Ancient lonely aspens

Bug kill and survivors

Shady destination rest

Alpine Sandwort 


The dominant flower

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