Monday, June 27, 2016

Middle San Francisco Creek Hike

20 of us enjoyed "flowers galore" along the busy Middle San Francisco Creek this Monday morning.  Several new faces joined us and hiked with enthusiasm and vigor.  One exclaimed "It couldn't be more beautiful than this."

On Wednesday (9:am) we will continue a scenic floral journey, but on a different route, seldom visited but clearly visible from down town South Fork.  This one takes us up a park road, then into the woods. We'll wind around to the top of a hill's long and broad ridge. From this broad ridge we will see the results of the 2002 forest fire on our left (we usually stay in the live trees).  On the right are forest stands that escaped the fire. Then we descend to Church Creek and on down our way to a shuttle awaiting us.  Drivers will return you to the starting point.  
Hiking boots are suggested; this is fairly smooth walking, but not a trail, Little tennis shoes may be uncomfortable.  Two years ago, a once wealthy lady lost a diamond earring on this route. We can be on the lookout for it.  Diamonds or other jewelry aren't recommended accoutrements for this activity.  
We have chosen this route because of the rain schedule we've been experiencing in early to mid afternoon. A poncho or rain jacket might be useful.

—Doug Knudson   719-873-5239

Wild rose


Winding upward

Future destination, from the trail

Middle Frisco Cr. 

Water does fall


Golden Banner

Looks like Am. Bistort

Cliff over Mid Frisco Cr.

Mtn. lupine

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