Sunday, June 5, 2016

We checked on the Biggest Tree and looked into a roaring Cross Creek

It started out as a nice visit to the biggest tree on the Rio Grande National Forest.  We measured but the various interpretations of measurements prevented making a rational announcement.  It looks pretty healthy yet and is huge--certainly worth a little deep breathing.    Then, by a wise request, we headed on up a while longer and aimed for the Cross Creek canyon.  Staying on the ridge, we descended gently through a lot of fallen timber. We didn't walk far, but we exercised in many ways.

Thanks to Karen Schluter of northern Wisconsin for joining us again.  She says she will be back in July.

Next week, Monday and Wednesday hikes.  9 am departure from the Visitor Center.  You are welcome. 

— Doug Knudson  873-5239 

7 of us went up a hill

Found the Big tree (center)

Big tree (behind the yellow hat)

Beaver mtn S side

Roaring creek below us

Tangled forest

Our Wisc. hiker will be back

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