Thursday, June 23, 2016

Alpine flowers and nine fine hikers

It was a great day for those of us who enjoy colorful flowers. We also enjoyed the alpine views of the whole countryside.  What a set of views from the top of Del Norte Peak!  Nine hikers made it to two high points.  

At about 1:30, we experienced new winds and descended into the subalpine.  About a mile from the vehicles, we were pelted by hail (small) and heard some sharp rumblings.  The rumblings turned into some sharp and noisy lightning.  One, not far from the cars, got us some proximity to a lightning bolt, although we were stretched out separately.  Then we reached the cars with no damage to them or us.  (I had been praying.)  The Forest Service had an observer going up the road that we went down.

Over the next several weeks, the colors and variety of flowers are worth individual hikes through this subalpine and alpine landscape.  

Join us for hiking on Monday and Wednesday.  

Reminder for my benefit:  Friday at 2:00 p.m., I'll start a talk and discussion about the Old Spanish Trail, one of our longest National Historic Trails (Santa Fe to Los Angeles). 
The free talk will be at the beautiful county library in Del Norte.  
The 2000 mile trail (three variants) involved Ute and Paiute and Navajo people, the San Luis Valley, Kit Carson and lots of lesser known travelers, including scientists, traders, muleteers, Yankees, Mexican citizens, etc.  I'll try to make a good discussion of this beautiful trail, with emphasis on this valley.  Judy and I have been officers of the Old Spanish Trail Association in the past and continue without titles. 
We would appreciate your attendance and questions.  If you haven't yet gotten acquainted with our County Museum, this is a good chance to do so (on the same block as the Conoco Station, right at the traffic light).

9 of us climbed today

Nice red alpine flowers that escaped two flower books.

Subalpine Jacob's Ladder

Walking in grassy alpine

Come meet this guy!

Alpine phlox

Alpine clover or Dwarf Clover

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