Wednesday, June 29, 2016

7 Photos on an unnamed ridge

Eight of us went uphill to a ridge-top, a place overlooking South Fork and environs, 

On the way up--ancient trees and other-age trees—mostly Ponderosa and limber pines

Resting Rock relieves the pull to the top.

2002 fire in Willow park

2002 Survivors 

spiral log holds wrestler

The descent wasn't easy

But Joan's smiles reigned—welcome!

So close to South Fork, yet remote when we're in the woods, then suddenly we're looking through burned trees at Willow Park residences.
Then 11 a.m. snacks and searching for a way down toward Church Creek. We had descended too far North to have to ford the Creek, so we strolled and rolled over to our shuttle.  We got home as a few sprinkles started a very soaking shower.  Nice day with good sports.

We'll hike again on Monday (the 4th) and Wednesday, departing the Visitor Center at 9 a.m. each day.  Remember the South Fork Independence Day activities are on Sunday the 3rd, with an after lunch parade, where our hikers and seated gentry strut their stuff.  Check the Visitor Center for details.

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