Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A few Continental Divide Photos

Hiking into the Clouds on the Continental Divide is a special experience. We were glad to share it with several new hikers.  The cloudy/misty/sunny day was perfect for going uphill and not slippery coming back.  The changes in the Wolf Creek Ski Area were interesting.  Although I've reached my maturity, I'm not going to ski down that nasty little peak in the middle picture--even if Eve does it.  If my maturity is to continue a while longer, I'd rather prevent accidents and hike harder than I ski.  
Flowers are dropping their seeds and looking a bit over-mature.  

We'll hope for good weather on Wednesday and try to top out on Pool Table Mountain, where several of our hikers haven't set foot before.  Please wear high-top shoes or boots.  A portion (20% maybe) of the trip is on rocks that aren't exactly smooth, although not dangerous.  9 a.m. at the Visitor Center or meet us at the 149 turn-off just NW of Wagon Wheel Gap.  If it is sprinkling, we'll try a lower hike in the area.  Afternoon rain is predicted, but the hike will be over by 12:45-1.00 pm, if all goes well.  This is a great place to view the eastern side of the one of the biggest  volcanic calderas in the nation.  

You'll also be walking in the steps of John C. Fremont, who almost died here, but survived to come close to being US President (James Buchanan eked out a win and has been often voted as our worst president).

At  Wolf Creek Pass  (the grassy area beside the slightly elevated trail is forming the high point of Wolf Creek, flowing slowly to the SW.

Into the woods

Lady in the Clouds

Cloud flowers

Happiness near the peak—almost there

Great Hang-out!  That little trail is the mighty Continental Divide National Scenic Trail.  Looks precarious!

Wind from West

Above 2 roads we ride  Hwy 160 in middle   Lobo Overlook Trail above

Alpine Sunflowers  Past their glorious peak

What ridge living can do for you

not exactly delicate, but they're hardy

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