Thursday, August 4, 2016

Deep Creek Photos

Hi, folks:  Sorry about this Monday hike report.  I just learned that it slipped into "waiting"  for some reason.  
Here it is, to be followed shortly by the High Point hike to the top of Bennett Peak today (Wednesday).

Monday had about 2 dozen hikers up near Creede to hike Deep Creek.  

Ready to go.

The Creek isn't so deep, but its canyon is.


A flying cross greeted us.

Looks like a Nelson or Mountain Larkspur

Some found the sitting pretty nice.

Damp leaves

Moving on down

Dennis and I  called it twinflower. But we'll accept a more precise name.  It was stated with great caution that this is poisonous.

One of the many yellow flowers.  Help if you know which one.

Leaving the canyon, with an aerial guide.

Thanks to all the people who hike with us.  Some are already heading home to Texas. Others are newly arrived here.  

Wednesday's hike is at high altitude (11,500-13,300) as we walk up Bennett Peak.  This is a 3.2-mile walk from a high (rough) parking place to a rounded mountain.  Most hikers make it up, but normally several get satisfaction from a partial ascent.  No tricky ropes or dangers.  However, this is a rocky mountain and is best walked in leather shoes with sturdy soles.  Weather may be a factor that will adjust our target.  We have plead with the Forest Service to ban mechanized ascents due to the ripping up and widening of the trail(s) to the top, but have not yet succeeded.  Depart at 9 a.m. from the Visitor Center.  Low slung vehicles are not recommended.

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