Friday, July 29, 2016

17 in high country

Wednesday's hike started at Ellwood Pass, winding through the beetle-ridden forest in green grass adorned by thousands of flowers.
Rain falling on our right side flows toward the Pacific.  When rain falls on or left, it heads for the Atlantic.  We enjoyed the company of a large family whose party in South Fork came from Oklahoma, Texas, and maybe a few other places.  Thanks to the parents for their alertness to their vigorous kids. Thanks to the kids for their enthusiasm and hiking power. 
Next Monday, a slightly longer hike will gather at the visitor center.  Questions:  call or e-mail Wayne Moulds.
I'll be there and will lead a high-altitude hike on Wednesday, if possible.  
— Doug Knudson

A diverse group of 17 hikers followed a beautiful segment of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

Climbing at timberline

It's big, beautiful country

Mouse-eared chickweed

Alpine Buttercup

King's Crown

Alpine Larkspur

another happy yellow flower--this one isn't in my bppks

Dusky Beard-tongue

We saw a rich array of beautiful little flowers.  We filled our vision and emotions with a vast and varied landscape. We cheered for two young Oklahoma athletes who climbed the mountain above the tarn (pond) where we enjoyed lunch.

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