Thursday, July 7, 2016

first installment (too many pictures for one mailing)

One of Colorado's most beautiful and remote hiking places, this one started with a walk up the Crater Lake trail, which merges with the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail for a mile.  Nine of us split company with two headed on the CDT.  The Crater Lake walk down and back out will await another day. Two found a very scenic resting place a quarter mile from the tarn, while five tackled the steep mountain walks to distant views.   Most of us got to about 12,500' on 3 different peaks and saw great views.
We re-met at our splitting point and enjoyed the downhill walk back to the cars.  (Next set is flowers)

Climbing Ladies

one of our other hikes

An ocean of hikes! We are fortunate!

On the way up

Now, that's wild!

Tarn to ridge-top

Leaning on the Wind

rest out of wind

Hiking high on CDT, Lookout Mtn in the distant background, miles South of our cars.

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