Tuesday, July 5, 2016


We had a nice hike this Monday morning with 7 or 8 regulars. We will have another one for anybody on Wednesday morning. We will drive to the Elwood Pass area and hike up the trail to the Continental Divide (about 1 mile), then decide how to divide up the various forks. Linda has a strong positive wish to climb a pointed little peak with breath-taking views of many miles in all directions.

This requires about 30 miles of driving on good, mostly gravel, road. So, bring some energy replacement packets (i.e. food) and good hiking boots. Those who just want to gaze upon the beautiful flowers coming into bloom can make this a short "hike-and-appreciate" event. The rest of the group can gather you up as we return toward the cars.
You can report on your flower inventory.

This is usually a photographic favorite, with small clumps of timberline conifers and many portrait possibilities of a beautiful landscape. You will be on and near the 3,100 mile Continental Divide Trail (from border to border of Mexico to Canada).

South Fork has already hosted 4 groups this year who are hoping to finish the whole trail. They are using our town for "recuperate and resupply" purposes. The Silver Thread club is collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to encourage these folks in their seemingly Herculean pedestrian efforts.

(Sorry that today's pictures are buried somewhere in the computer that refuse to surface. Judy will assuredly find the flaw in my thinking and dexterity.)

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