Tuesday, July 26, 2016

An easy, easy hike with variations

26 hikers took a diversified walk around Poage lake, high in the Rockies, but gentle on the lungs.  We walked the dam, hip-hopped through vegetation and wet ground, walked a road, then circled around the outflows from Handkerchief  Mesa, watched some skilled fishermen roll their lines out into the lake as we munched candy bars, then discovered we were not far from the starting point.  

A few lingered longer, taking little spur hikes elsewhere.  Some took a long way home to find other mountains and lakes from the car. 

On Wednesday, we will hike again—for longer distance.  Departure 9 a.m. from Visitor Center.  We'll be on the Continental Divide Trail in the Elwood Pass area. We'll offer a  route different from our trip two or three weeks ago.  Bring water and food and sunscreen.  A poncho or slicker would be a smart precaution, as well.  If the rains come, we will make some adjustments for safety's sake.  Thanks for you patience.

— Doug Knudson

Poage Lake and Handkerchief Mesa

Special timber



conquering water barriers


Log 1

Log load 2

Grandson and Grandma

Lunch on a slope

Relaxation personified

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