Saturday, July 23, 2016

CD Trail and a flower quiz--CDT

Five hikers wandered along a beautiful, flower-bedecked trail on the Continental Divide.  We walked about 8 miles on the beautiful, CD National Recreation Trail. It was absolutely beautiful on this lovely day.  Every step brushed past brilliant flowers, some of them included below for your study.

South Fork has become a Gateway City for access to this 3,100-mile trail.  Some people try to hike the whole distance in one summer--from the southern border of New Mexico to the northern border of Montana.   Our high mountains present some of the most risky (snow, etc.) and the most miles of stunning mountain scenery in the nation.  We are to become a host community to visitors who use our community for shelter, food, rest, and entertainment. We hope you will support the efforts of our citizens and businesses who make efforts to attract and  welcom hiking visitors who find rest and recuperation in our community.

We hiked from the top of Lobo Overlook to the pretty little lake (some of us call it Joyce's Lake), at lunch, and turned around and went back again: 9:45-4:00 p.m.  We weren't alone.  More than a half dozen hikers and horseback riders passed us and shared their pleasure with the scenic beauty of this wilderness area.

Next Monday, we'll take a gentle walk through a floral wonderland (elsewhere).  This is the peak period, so don't miss it.
Next Wednesday, we'll enjoy the high-country scenery again.  You are welcome to either or both of these walks.

hikers near timberline

High country

Your name for it:

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Your names for them:

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nice pose at our lovely lunch pond on the 

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Distant Mtns to S.

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Elegance among bug-kill

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