Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Embargo Creek Hike

We started this Monday hike at Embargo Creek, a few miles below Cathedral Campground.  About 20 hearty hikers took the upward climb well on the still usable logging road.  Agua Mansa massif rose up in front of us, then the road turned right paralleling thedistant bottoms of the cliffs  

Several species of trees covered most of the ground around us, but it looked as if the Forest Service had conducted a thinning project of much of the thick stand of trees.  Some of the biggest were White Fir.

Few flowers were still showing off along the roadway.

A couple of sharp-eyed hikers saw a bear heading away from the group--apparently intimidated by the mass of humanity invading his space.

Wednesday hike:

Weather permitting, we will hike on Wednesday morning and afternoon.  The aim is to summit Baldy Cinco and one hiker has an idea related to ice cream at Freemon's in the afternoon.  This 13,300' hike will trim you up for higher hikes.  

However, it is flexible, in that we will be above timberline and can keep eyes peeled for each other.  Just getting above timberline gives everyone big-time views of the country-side for miles around.  If you don't feel like trying the peak, you can stroll on the Continental Divide Trail/Colorado Trail at a fairly level, easy pace.

You will also get up close to the remnants of the big forest fire from a couple years ago.

We will probably make contact with fellow hikers doing long distances.  Most of them like to talk about their feat.  Most will be eager to answer questions about their distances, their overnights (good and bad), etc.

1. Several hikers expressed preference for an 8 a.m. starting time from the Visitor Center.  I think that is a good suggestion, due to the distance we have to drive.   SO--BE THERE FOR 8 AM DEPARTURE.

2. We will start hiking at highway 149 where it crosses the Continental Divide. There is parking for 4-7 vehicles and some will be there, as this is a pick-up spot for hikers and their families.

3. Wear boots or rugged shoes.  The trail has some rough rocky spots.  (If you're used to climbing through rocky spots with your favorite shoes, please take note that this isn't a smooth trail in some places and take responsibility for your care.)

4.  The temperature at 13,000' is lower than in South Fork. The precipitation is often chilly.  Prepare. Last year at the end of June, we threw snowballs at each other when we made the summit.

5. Bring a little money (>$5) for ice cream at the only restaurant in the area (or ask me to bail you out).

Up we go!

Cliffs of Agua Mansa 

It's good to have happy hikers

The lunch log

3 very fit hikers

That's a leaner. How long?

Scarlet gilia

Rocks and trees by Embargo Creek

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