Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Continental Divide Hike (N / NW from Lobo overlook

Nice, sunny, pleasant hike on the Continental Divide Trail  Most enjoyed Rock "Joyce" Lake's beauty and a lot of flowers.  They compensated for the widespread "dead as an old spruce" stands.  This is still one of the great scenic trails of the nation, very near our little town.  One hiker asked where the trail started:  answer— at the southern tip of New Mexico and somewhere in Montana on the Canadian border.  3.1 thousand miles--and yes, people walk its length every year.
Another hike tomorrow is scheduled with Dennis, unless he has made other arrangements.  The flowers are literally like a sea, tossing in the wind
Next Wednesday, we'll have another high country hike with relative ease.  We'll probably need some rough road vehicles. —Doug Knudson.
7 hikers trod the CDT


"Cute little bridge" said nearly all.


Blue gentian


John leaving the wilderness


orange agoseris (false dandelion)


Dark beardtongue




Lambstongue groundsel  (Senecio integerimus)


paintbrush at high altitude


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