Thursday, August 6, 2015

Embargo cr hike 8-6-15

Surprise, surprise!  We had a hike today and it was all guys; somehow we struggled through the day without supervision.....just teasing, ladies.
We went up the trail about 3 miles, saw thousands of mushrooms but none of the edible variety.  Lots of water has come down the trail, need some more water bars on the trail to prevent the washouts.  I didn't see any recent beaver activity, they must have migrated down the creek.
The wild flowers are still nice up here, about 10,000 feet elevation.  The lower campground at Cathedral is going to be closed so that dead trees can be removed.
We parked at the Cathedral CG parking area rather than go up the rough road to the trailhead, made the hike a little longer but everybody made it all the way up and back.
Come Monday for a hike with Wayne, 9AM at the Visitor Center.


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