Monday, August 31, 2015

Coller State Wildlife Area hike

Beautiful day with some sun, some light clouds, and showers that held off until we got home.  This is one of a few places where we can walk over 4.5 miles and enjoy only slight elevation gains. Yet we enjoyed gazing at cliffs and watching the river flow. We'll probably do it again in the snow in a few months.
Suggested follow-up this fall:  bring a chair, a book, and binoculars.  Walk a ways along the river, find a lonely spot and spend an hour, watching for Canada geese, elk, deer, maybe an eagle or two, flickers (seen today) and who knows what else.  This may become your special place, close to home, full of memories.
It's big enough for all of us.
Thanks for the pictures, Dennis.      To Wayne and Linda, our best wishes to you in this time of grieving and hope.
We will try to find water on Wednesday at "Lost" Lake" another special but close to home destination (wear orange and walk gently and quietly).  9 a.m. at Visitor Center of South Fork.
15 hikers today


Sap on P. flexilis (Limber pine)


Official resting log


going down--one of a few places


Down by the Riverside


After lunch by the river


Rio Grande and Palisades


Heading out, just in time


Doing what fishermen do.


Big throne across the road


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