Saturday, August 29, 2015



We had another awesome night for our outing! Two months in a row for great weather (but still no brownies) to celebrate our great countries beauty.
Thanks to Kevin & Terry for providing the wood and fire for our cooking and enjoyment, thanks to all of you that brought food and fellowship to share with all of us.
We went over to the lookout (a distance that will be verified later) for a view of the valley after we had our meal and then came back to s'mores.  Rachel and Benjamin, the new Pastor and his wife for the Chapel of the South Fork, were our guests but I failed to get their pictures....will do a better job next time.
The sunset was very pretty and occurred at the same time as the moon coming up, so we could get pictures of both events at the same time.
Thanks again to everyone for making it a most enjoyable evening,


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