Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two hikes in one

Hike report summary: Four miles total. Most near flat with a half-mile of steep to moderate terrain.   Two verification missions accomplished.  However, an alleged monstrous wild ant pile was not located.
With a strong, streamlined crew of four, we visited two neighboring  destinations. 
We found a little water in Lost Lake--recovery for what really had been lost for a couple of years.  We enjoyed the view from the immense Douglas-fir on the ridge above the lake. Distance from parking to lake: one mile; return to parking: one mile.
Then we drove down to Shaw Mesa to measure a recent hike's night-time  distance—from the campfire site to the eastern edge of the Mesa = exactly 0.9 miles. From the Mesa cliff to the campfire site was also 0.9 mile.  This measurement was made among a whole herd of living witnesses who moo-ed their agreement with the finding.  Elevation difference was about 75 feet.  Surface was not paved.
Tomorrow (Thursday), Dennis will take all comers to a petrified wood site and will help you to comb a valley for some "big stuff."  Meet him at 9 a.m. at the visitor center.  No charge for the precious stones that you may find. 
Our 2002 fire below Lost Lake area—fast burn; slow recovery


Shaw Mesa from the "road" to the access trail to Lost Lake


Lost Lake Trail


Lost Lake found — holding a small pond and "trench" of water after a couple of years of no water. Is this a comeback?


Pinus aristata thrives on the slopes around the once "lost" lake


Bristlecone   The purple part will be available for transportation to a new location


View from near (above) Lost Lake, viewing Beaver Mountain


That's interesting figure in wood!  How many faces on this Douglas-fir burl?


Hey Ma!  What's this nine-tenths of a mile thing?


Lingering remnants of color


Two Davids in a vast and wondrous land.  Aren't we fortunate?

Thinking ahead:  Normally, after sometime in September, we find our numbers dwindling.   Some would like to continue hiking
frequently until the snow comes and we drift into Monday snowshoeing.  What is your preference?  jj


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