Wednesday, September 9, 2015

12 CDTrail Photos

The Continental Divide Trail measures 3,100 miles long and 4 to 14 inches wide in its wildest spots.  We hiked up to it today and saw a lot of scenery.  While 3 guys left it for a 2,100 foot descent to Crater Lake, 4 others went up several hundred feet to look over the edge at seas of mountain peaks for miles and miles.  If there are more beautiful places in our home country, we'll have to call it a tie.   
(This is where I took one of my best friends from High School when he came to Colorado  and  said (about 7 years ago) that he wanted to hike high and beautiful before succumbing to a persistent disease.  He got to the little lake (tarn), walked through columbines and kings crown and announced—"This is it!  Wonderful!"  A month or so later, his wife wrote that he had gone to his Peace, joyfully.)
As we approach cooler days and nights with beautiful colors, I look forward to pleasant times with you.  This next week, we'll be in Santa Fe, doing some National Historic Trail events with the Old Spanish Trail Association, the Santa Fe Trail Association, and the CARTAssociation. 
We can cancel a hike next Wednesday, or Wayne or Dennis or one of you can lead a hike then, if you wish.  On the 23rd and 30th, I'll have hikes planned to enjoy the changing leaves.  One of those days, I'd like to visit Platoro for its gold, pink, orange, and yellow colors, then dine at the new restaurant  (the old lodge will be closed).
Soon, we'll be thinking about getting our snowshoes to stay on our feet. --Doug Knudson
Check in with Dennis tomorrow, if you can.  He had a tussle with some innovative foods today, but seems to be getting OK now.
5 of 7 hikers


Colors yet


King's Crown after the frost


Krummholtz-Engelmann spruce


Peak hiding surprise


Just a little higher


More Mtns and Wolf Cr.


Two weeks ago--CDT from upper CDT


L//center /Crater Lake


Blue Gentian (=r Parry Gentian)


from CDT


Banner trees


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