Monday, September 28, 2015

Phoenix Park Photos

Sixteen people walked nearly 6 miles, taking in beautiful gold, yellow, orange leaves and two lovely waterfalls at autumn flow levels.  Phoenix Park is a favorite place for many residents of Creede, including many of the actors and actresses.  The autumn leaves are one reason; two gushing water falls attract in early summer.  The two moose we startled and followed until they magically disappeared added another attraction.
The first (smaller and higher up the valley)  offered precarious high seating for fine views (first picture).  Unfortunately, some folks opted for lower seats and only glimpsed the falls.
Waterfall 2--only about 1/4 of the cascade showing


Aspen Phoenix Fox


The bigger falls, where some ATV riders have created a precarious surface


Trees died on rocks


Aspen from Falls


Looking W from Phoenix Park Trail.

Next Hike is for color lovers.  On Wednesday, we will do a little short hiking (optional) at at least 3 destinations near Platoro.  We will spend
time in photography of some of the state's most colorful and varied leaf shows. 
Then we'll patronize the new restaurant in Platoro  (the older one will be closing for 2015 on Tuesday, as we understand it). 
Judy and I have eaten well in the new smaller establishment and gift shop..
You will get an array of the colors with any camera.  We'll stop by a couple of lakes and at least one pond, several spectacular peaks
a quick visit to a beautiful campground and two rivers.
  If you haven't visited the Platoro area for a while, you'll get a good ride through great scenery of one of the most remote roaded areas of
our fair state.  The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (hiking) is up near the western peaks.  Pedal bikers go through Platoro on the dirt-road
Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail.  Thousands of bikers from around the world ride through our county (Del Norte) each summer--
about 4,000 miles from Banff National Park to the heel of New Mexico.
The weather forecast is for partial clouds but no rain.  If you prefer to eat your own food, bring it along and enjoy a stroll through the
rustic village with no permanent inhabitants and closed in winter.

We will start at the S.F. Visitor Center, promptly at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.  We plan to be back before 4:30 p.m.
Questions?  Doug or Judy Knudson  719-873-5239


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