Thursday, September 10, 2015

stairsteps hike 9-10-15


We drove up FSR430 to Hunter Lake parking lot (45 water bars) and hiked about 200 yards toward the lake before taking the old Hunter Lake trail (no longer on the map) up to the Decker trail.  After about 50 yards I saw a trail marker saying we were on the Highline Trail, 832.  We have hiked the 832 in years past from its northern trail head all the way to the Stair Steps and we were never down this low in elevation, the junction of the Decker trail with the Highline Trail used to be .8 miles West,on top of the ridge, has the trail been moved?
We went up the trail to the top of the ridge and then South on 832, many many deadfalls on the trail, I don't think it has been cleared for at least 15 years that I know of.  We found a hunter camped at the junction of 832 and the Tie Hill trail, that is where we saw the llamas.  After asking him how he got there he said he came up the Tie Hill trail and it was cleared of downed trees.
We climbed up the Stair Steps and had lunch, some great views from up there.  We didn't see any elk this time and I was disappointed in not finding ANY COLUMBINES on the North facing slope as I had found several times in the past.
After lunch we went down the 832 to the Tie Hill trail and down it to the Hunter Lake trail which took us past the lake and back to the parking lot.
A great day for hiking and fellowship, a privilege we all must appreciate.........
Come Monday and hike with Wayne, bring you orange as muzzleloading season begins Saturday.......


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