Friday, September 5, 2014

Silverpass hike 9-4-14

We parked below Silver Pass and made our way up about 200 feet to the Pass and the Continental Divide Trail.  We then took the CDT West for about 1.5 miles to Railroad Pass and paused to take in the scenery, then on West toward Alberta Peak for a lunch spot.  After about another mile we found a nice spot for lunch on the Pacific side of the divide.

After lunch we went back to Railroad Pass and went down from it to an old logging road, took it East for about 1/2 mile until the road quit. We followed a game trail for about a 1/4 mile until finding another road, took this road until it disappeared, then found another old road.  We had to jump from one old road to another 6 times before we made it back to Silver Pass and the truck...............

Monday night will be a Full Moon and we will have our cookout on Shaw Mesa to celebrate the occurrence.  We will bring brats, dogs, buns, condiments, paper products, hot & cold drinks for all to enjoy.  Please bring a dish to share with all the other folks.

We will start the fire about 630PM and plan to eat around 730PM while it is still light .  After eating we will hike over to the overlook and enjoy the light show out in the valley, by this time the full moon will be up and barring clouds we will have a bright moon to hike by.

When we return to the campfire we will have s'mores...................come on up and join us.




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