Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ivy creek hike 9-15-14

Wayne led us up the Ivy Cr. trail into the Weminuche Wilderness for a little over 3 miles, the creek is very pretty with all the cascades and pools formed around and over the rocks.  The wildlife was nonexistent; only thing I saw was the dead mouse.........

Some of the wildflowers have been frosted, others are still in abundance.  We passed through a very strong, smelly odor a couple of times on the trail. Our resident forester person (Ozzie) informed us it is from a White Fir.

About 100 yards below the confluence of the 2 streams the beaver have really been busy getting their food supply in for the Winter.  They have packed trails all over the area.

The Thursday hike will be to the TOP of Cathedral Rock, quite a few of the folks have never been to the top so we will take care of that item.............see you at 9AM at the Visitor Center.




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