Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Myrna's Trail

Myrna Pillers introduced us to this beautiful hike some years ago.  We've hiked it at least once every year.  Today, six of us thanked Myrna with expressions of admiration for the scenic vistas.
The Christianson's from near Bastrop, TX, joined us. They hope to be back with us regularly after retirement plans come true.
A 40 degree start soon became pleasantly warm.  Matthew and Bethany Christianson in middle

High, wide, and handsome Rio Grande canyon country

Aspen turned yellow on Sept. 21--precise!

Easy walking

Populus tremuloides

The yellow is getting yellower by the day.

A higher elevation is higher toned yellow,

Across the Rio Grande rise the Palisades in tiers
Join us on Thursday, Monday, Tuesday for gentle walks in beautiful country.  Don't waste the scenery.
Soon we'll be thinking about finding our snowshoes in their hiding places;
we'll slog and schuss on Mondays at 10 a.m. through the winter. 
Remember the Friday clean-up of downtown South Fork (inform George if you want to eat with the group). Remember the Saturday Wolf Creek Season Pass gathering (you have about a week to get your ski pass at pre-season rates).
--Doug Knudson

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