Monday, September 1, 2014

9 Labor Day hike scenes

It was a great day for hiking the Great Divide of the continent--Pacific (Sea of Cortez) water on our right; Atlantic (Gulf) water on our left, as we headed south from the Wolf Creek Pass parking area.  The Continental Divide Trail is a great resource to have just up the hill from South Fork. All 23 (maybe 21, 22, or 24, depending on who counted) made it  to the sheltering shrubs in front of the summit.  Several felt it vital to summit this peak, gaining about 300 feet on the relaxed lunch munchers.
Tomorrow-- I'll lead an easy, close-in walk on the East side of the base of Sentinel Mountain (not to the top).  This could take as little as an hour or as much as 2.5 hours, depending on our interests and group speed. That's Tuesday, getting underway at 9 a.m. at the visitor center.  I want to try something special as we rest tomorrow.  BRING A MAGNIFYING GLASS if you have one.
Quiz--Whoever gets all four of the flowers/plants correct will be given some kind of special recognition in the annals of the Silver Thread Outdoor Recreation Club.  Just respond to this e-mail to enter this valuable competition.  I'll also give you an extra dip of ice cream after the hike. --Doug Knudson
Note--I hope that Dennis will also send you his pictures of this lovely hike. 
Our target--Alberta Peak; South San Juan Mountains in the background


Our Scenery--Alberta Lake and the Rio Grande National Forest

Our floral arrangements (by nature): Flower #1

Our Route-- Hiking the rim of the Continental Divide Trail--a few miles of the 3,100 available

Plant #2


Our Pathway--Dennis on the Continental Divide Trail, just out of bounds from the Ski Area


Well-prepared hikers


Plant #3


Plant #4 in wetland


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