Thursday, September 18, 2014

Model T Park annual progress

Every year we hike up to see how the Model T touring car is doing--at least once. We also get to see the vegetation recovery process after the 2002 rip-roaring fire that changed our views to the south of South Fork. 
Summary report for 2014: 
Aspen are getting a little bigger and more dense;
Conifer regeneration is almost nil, but trees that escaped flames are producing cones = possibility of spotty return;
Flowers are more abundant and varied;
Ground cover in general is continuous;
The trail is pretty good, despite a few ATV incursions;
Dead trees dominate the general scene;
The bull elk are big and (were) apparently healthy.
We aren't sure how the courteous Oregon bow-hunter got his big 1-shot
animal out, but our brief help for him was an impressive experience.
--Doug Knudson
For Next Tuesday, I'm pondering options:
1.  a long drive to the Dunes and a 3-mile hike up Mosca Pass and back.
   or 2. a shorter (up to 3.5 mile round-trip) closer to South Fork.
You may weigh in with your preference at
We were but 6 on a 7-mile round trip.  Adios to Patrick for this season; thanks for joining us.


Some pretty colors are appearing along the trail


15' aspen near the Model T Park


Still standing--almost


Upper Model T Park and the ridge of Beaver Mountain


Tall spruce snags, rising aspen sprouts.




We met a "local Oregonian" as we went up, right after he shot a large bull elk.  We helped him tie up the carcass as we came back down.  This was a major undertaking that probably kept him busy for 2 days.


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