Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our short, informative trial trail

Tuesday's hike was short, sweet, but maybe more revealing than most. Four of us went up the flank of Sentinel Moutain--about 200 steep strides--then strolled around and sat down to observe nature in three separate, different tiny plots. After revealing "tours" of each, we strolled homeward.

This "slow hiking" gave us three different inventories of living and dead things plus once-molten rocks, as each "hiker" sat with a splendid view of South Fork. It also gave us a deeper sense of the many different species interacting on the partially forested hill behind our "Ponderosa Estates" (we came down a gully that led us past Ozzie and Eve's lovely home).

Sorry--no pictures. You'll have to come along next time. Or ask David, David, and another David's gracious wife. They also helped polish off the ice cream afterward.
--Doug Knudson

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