Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blue creek hike 9-11-14

We drove up FSR609 to its end and started hiking up the Blue Creek canyon on a very old logging road.  It was pretty steep the first 1/2 mile and it leveled out a little bit for us.  We followed game trails when the old road gave out, Patty & Iris thought they may go back early so Patty marked a trail out with orange trail marking tape.
We went up the canyon about as far as we could, had a snack on a rock slide and then Patty followed her marked trail out a ways to a lunch spot with a pretty view.  After lunch she picked up the trail and followed it out to the creek crossing, only missed the crossing a little ways, and then back to the trucks.........
A good workout for the lungs due to the steepness of the terrain, this is a pretty narrow canyon with lots of outcroppings on both sides. Lots of pretty scenery all around us....


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