Monday, June 29, 2015

two hikes: Tues and Wed.

Monday's hike up Tewksberry trail was enjoyed by 25 eager people.

Two of those people, the Stanley ladies, are here to get conditioned for a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (19,300').
We're building up day by day to get their sea level lungs and hearts adapted to higher ground.

On Tuesday, they will join me at 89 Fir Drive at 8:30 for a hike on the Continental Divide Trail and a couple of 13,000' little peaks up at Spring Creek Pass (Highway 149). A few of you feeling a need for moderate breathing exercise may join us. The Stanley ladies will rule the speed and distance (unless I can't keep up with them). The weather forecast is clear skies and cool breezes (up there). Bring plenty of water, and some food.

Wednesday's 9 a.m. hike is planned to go up on the SW face of Beaver Mountain (home of the 2002 fire), hopefully reaching Model T Park and its lovely views of our community and its surroundings. This is on a clear trail, mostly up going one in and mostly down coming out. Meet for 9 a.m. departure at the Visitor Center.

Friday's hike is to take part in the patriotic parade with other members of the Silver Thread Club.

--Doug Knudson

By the way, The Woodlands group from Texas asked me to thank you for your courtesies and participation during the past week. That group of 26 hiked four 6 days, and scattered for "rests" on Wednesday. This group of flat-landers did well on our slopes.

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