Friday, June 19, 2015

Shorty Spring hike 6-19-15

We drove up through the old Embargo Town site to Shorty Spring (9600 elevation) and hiked up to the top of the saddle (10470 elevation).  Then down into La Garita park and to our destination, La Garita creek (9500 elevation). We came back up the trail about 1/2 mile to a nice lunch spot beside the small stream with its many cascades, can't beat the sound of water flowing for a relaxing minute.
After lunch we continued up to the saddle and down to the truck, it is a little over 2 miles from Shorty Spring to the creek. Amazing difference between the South side (loose rocks and dry, dry, dry) and the North side with its' lots of springs and mud.
We came home a different way, West up the hills and down into the Baughman creek drainage and down the creek bed to clean up the bottom of my truck..................rough roads either way you come in.
Come to the VC Monday for a pleasant hike with Wayne and welcome back to Peg, the flower lady........


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