Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trout Creek hike — Wednesday

Nine hikers walked up, down, up, down, up, and down.  We didn't see Trout Creek, but got within a half-hour of it.
Jim Griffin join us and used his forestry background to tutor us on the trail's White fir,  Douglas-fir, Blue spruce, Aspen, Ponderosa pine, Limber pine (P. flexilis), a few junipers, a few subalpine firs, and some bushes.  Flowers on this trail are responding to the recent warmth and rainfall. 
Barbara Hunter has rounded up 22 other Houstonian hikers to take this trail next Monday, along with 6 other day hikes through next week.  It's an ambitious group that is accustomed to frequent hiking.  We'll strengthen their breathing apparatus' (gently) and their mountain muscles (gradually).   Barbara has invited Silverthreaders to join them on any of the hikes. 
Our regular MWF hikes will continue, as usual, with Dennis (Fri) and Wayne (Mon).  I offer a regular hike on Wed. and some members of the Woodlands Hiking group may accompany us on this,  their only scheduled rest day.  
I'm hoping we'll go to Creede to climb Campbell Mountain, then join the shoppers in our colorful neighboring town.  Maybe some will take in a play at the superb Creede theatres.
Doug Knudson
Welcome to South Fork !         River and RR in S.Fork 


twisted Ponderosa on Trout Cr. Tr.


7 of the 9 hikers


Stemless Evening Primrose




Lovely day/lovely land


View of Beaver Mtn.


Cliff above the S. Fork, near Trail


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