Monday, June 1, 2015

Hike among the lava flows called Elephant Rocks or Round Rocks, June 1, 2015

We walked 5+ miles up a BLM jeep road. Midway we found some  rocks decorated with lichens and flowering cactus --a place for cautious seating and eating.
Our numbers are moving up gradually, with 15 today.  This means we will offer 3 adult hikes per week through the summer, each starting at 9 a.m. at the visitor center in South Fork. (A few exceptions will be announced) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Dennis (F), Wayne (M), and I (W) will go with you to our many trails and other places, filling in for each other as we do some of our other duties and travels.
We will try to avoid duplication of destinations, unless popular opinion seeks repeats.  Someone asked me this spring "Which trail will we take?"  I made a rough estimate of about 75 possibilities within the area. 
Tonight, you can ignore the thunder and join us at a pot-luck fire pit at the Big Meadows Lake (turnoff halfway up to Wolf Creek Pass), then follow the road to the refurbished campground and before entering the gate, look to the left--a picnic area (no charge).  We'll look for the nearly-full moon, cook hot dogs and other goodies, then take a walk near the lake.  It should be a spectacular evening, (but you may enjoy it in a rain coat).
Doug Knudson       for more info:  719-873-5239
15 hikers parked at Elephant Rocks


Up the road

and through the bushes


Various cacti bloom


This cactus found attachments up high


Almost ready


Lunchspot among the pinyons


Gentle Valley


Lots of lichens


Lovely landscape


Balancing act


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