Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Moonlight outing

We had a great night for our outing, no rain, no wind and great food!  The cactus pix and swallow pix is from our morning hike earlier in the day.
The FS has done a very good job of providing a free, pretty and well equipped picnic area.  There are several sites and are separated from each other by trees and terrain.  If you are planning on having a picnic, this is the place to do it!  In addition, the camp host was the most friendly and gracious host I have met.............
We had some younger folks with us to liven up the evening, Stephen managed to find some mud but everything worked out fine.
  We enjoyed a stroll across the dam to the West side of the lake and I managed to capture some video of the moonbeams on the water, which I will sent as a separate message.
Thank you to everybody for making this a very enjoyable outing.........

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