Monday, October 3, 2016

Pronghorn hike

Wayne led us up a new trail, the Pronghorn Trail.  The trailhead is
located across the road from the Del Norte cemetery (how convenient!)
and is a project of the Greater Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) which is
funded by the Colorado lottery-the losers that the next
time you have a losing lottery  ticket, think of it as helping to
build us a trail!

We went up dozens of switchbacks, following the side hill until
ascending up to the ridge for a our lunch.  The breeze picked up,
enough to keep any flies, gnats or mosquitoes away and to take ones
headgear away if you weren't careful........

The trailer load of trash was picked up off the trail and the
surrounding area, what a bunch of litterbugs!!!!  The BLM is the
managing agent for this area and  we thank them for their public

Wayne will lead the hike on Wednesday, 9AM at the VCPL.

I am resuming the KIDS HIKES for Fridays, meet at the Chapel of the
South Fork at 10 AM, pets are welcome.......


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