Monday, October 17, 2016

Bishop Rock

Four of us were the "big hiking group" on Monday.  The weather was wonderful, with wind on the road but not on the Rocks.  We said hello to the Bishop then followed a switchback trail up up to the top of the cliffs (from the gentle North side).  We discovered a few culturally modified trees, several bike trails among the rocky top stones, eased our way down the E end to walk back between a wide-walled valley, with immense cliffs rising on either side of us.  
Picturesque is a word too small for this place.  My wife joined us after several years of strengthening her broken ankle—she surprised me in going with us, walking the top of the cliffs, and declaring them beautiful.  
Then she treated Marty, Dennis, and me to some Dairy Queen treats.  

We hope you can join us on Wednesday for a pleasant hike:  9 a.m. we leave the Visitor Center in South Fork.  By the way, we encountered no active hunters--just a few groups out looking over the landscape and waiting for elk season to start next week.
Doug Knudson  719-873-5239

 Oct moon over SF

The Bishop

Atop B. Rock

Interesting slice

CMT on Bishop Rock

Judy in a rock bowl

Bishop from N side

Color in the dust

Last leg

Bishop Rock W end

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