Sunday, October 16, 2016

English Valley Photos

Thanks to four stalwarts who joined me for a pleasant, awesome, inspiring valley walk.  This lovely and interesting area is one of the most pleasant, expansive, gentle, and eye-catching valleys in our National Forest.  A 3-4-hour walk through this unusual place stimulates a feeling of peace and calm.

We missed the group of antelope—they were in a neighboring valley.   

Next hike:  Monday we'll go to another very special place that I explored a few weeks ago.  It is Bishop's Rock on BLM land south-west of Monte Vista.  The hike is about 3-4 miles but may be easily pruned to less for those who wish to stroll  slowly.  No walks on/in water are required.
Monday will be the second or third hunting day with rifles.  I don't think there will be many hunters on this site, but I suggest that you wear a couple of bright orange or red pieces  on the outside layer.  I will bring along several extras.    If, perchance, we encounter numerous hunters on the BLM land, we'll move to USF&W land a few miles away.
Meet at the South Fork Visitor Center for 9 a.m. departure.  
If you live in Monte Vista or nearby spots, meet us near the Outdoor Theaters W of Monte Vista. (please let me know so we are sure to look for you there (719-873-5239 or
—Doug Knudson

Even in a dramatic place, trees thrive and die. Narrow rock dikes surrounded us at times.

Piñon pines dominate

One of 15 volcanic fins towers over the valley floor

Forest Service is recuperating some of the trail damage.

More of the vast volcanic rocks on the W side of the SLV.

a dramatic tower

#1 fin climber

#2 fin topper

Yet another peak

Bigger rock peaks to the North

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