Monday, October 10, 2016

Hike Photos along Middle Alder Creek

Monday's hike took 14 of us us beside and through Middle Alder Creek on a long valley.  Some wished that going up the creek was flatter or even down hill, but all made it most of the way. Three of us made it to the roofless cabin in a beautiful meadow, about 1/2 mile after the resters said they were doing a "rest and return" maneuver.

Ready to go

Still green, with yellow mixed in.

The evergreen terrain

Rich autumn leaves

Already gold

Dancing waters

Cabin sans roof + front door

Snack time

Down-hill looks so flat!

So--Join the group again on Wednesday. We'll have a nice leisurely downhill hike through English Valley. We usually see (at a distance) some elegant animals (bring binoculars).  This is a wide open valley of great beauty and gentle topography on BLM property.  We can hike for 1-3 miles down hill, then find gentle ways back to the vehicles.  To those who have never been there, you will be pleasantly surprised—something different.

Next Monday— We're planning a unique and interesting hike around Bishop Rock.  Here a stone bishop stands at the W end of a long cliff.  This place is becoming a popular climbing and biking area.  
A few weeks ago, my granddaughter and I studied the area documenting areas that rope climbers were using, in collaboration with the BLM and a climbing study group.  We found and mapped several interesting faces in the South cliffs. We went around the North face and found easy trails up to the top, where interesting campsites can be used (if no rain), and bike trails are being started.  We were accompanied by an Adams State climbing instructor who also said we should look at another cliff nearby.  We'll do about 3 miles total, unless you get excited and want more.
Although it is unlikely that we will encounter hunters here, please wear garish colors (orange/yellow/red) just in case.  I will have some extras with me.  

Starting time: Leave the S.Fork Visitor Center at 9 a.m.  These are a pleasant walks on gentle slopes, but boots are still your best bet.

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