Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Alder Bench Hike

As Autumn enlightened our trees and skies, we strode up the incline we call Alder Bench.  These well-conditioned hikers made steady movement both up the trail and back down.  Some were just back from other travels.  One said adios, until January skiing draws him back.  

Trail condition report:  The bike route ruts are becoming dominant and making the trail surface pretty ragged. Pedestrians can manage it safely, but bikes are in some danger of wrecking and twisting. It suggests a good trail expert should give it a serious look.

FRIDAY HIKE:  Dennis will lead youths and adults on an interesting hike this Friday. Meet at the visitor center in South Fork before 10:00 a.m.  He will have more details on a Thursday e-mail.

Future hikes:  We continue to hike all year.  When the snow gets over our shoes, we generally get out the snowshoes on Monday mornings.  Sometimes we will encounter nearly bare slopes and get back into our hiking shoes.  We also do some cross-country skiing, when conditions are right.  
Snow has fallen up on Wolf Creek Pass, but thawing temperatures have kept it from building up.  So— within a few weeks or months, we may announce different ways of going up and down hill.  So--get up in your garage attic and "tune up" your winter equipment.  Believe it or not, we have had enjoyed as many as 25-30 snow hikers during some of our winter vacation periods.  Local outfitters (3 or more of them) can get you into proper equipment if you need it.   

8 moving up

Finding his way

Our color tree

Autumn leaves

More aspen

The other side of the valley, seen from the trail.

Headed down

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