Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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This beautiful Easter morning +1day offered a nice stroll along the Rio Grande.  The moon set before we left, but the sky was deep blue and a few flowers were showing off for those who looked for them.  The River was full and running fast.  Lots of evidence of elk was helping fertilize the almost-green grasses. Our feet took us across from the Masonic Park, where we sat for a while while we hunted for refreshments in our packs.  Then we moved away from the river, headed NW toward our vehicles on the SW side of the RR tracks.

This almost hike was requested by some starting hikers to help build up their breathing and muscles.  They reported that it went well.  Some said that they could now handle some steeper slopes.  We'll help them ease into these hikes with another slightly slanted Monday hike next week (9 a.m.). 
 Then, on May 1 and May 3, we'll start our 9 a.m. hikes.  These usually cover about 5 miles and go into the afternoon a little.  Some may take us for a few more miles but we'll warn you.  
We suggest that you hikers do some vigorous walking  on hill near home at least 2-4 times per week between the group hikes.  These short vigorous walks will make  the group hikes easier and more fun.
Wayne and I will lead hikes, with Dennis Shepherd helping out and taking kids on Thursdays, meeting at the Chapel of the South Fork.  (By the way, the Chapel now has a new minister who started yesterday with a fine and lively service.  You are all welcome.)
—Doug Knudson

Morning moon

Almost level hike

Above the river

Big ponderosas

He goes anywhere for a foto

Palisades Across the Rio Grande

Almost leaf time

The Rio Grande glistens

Easter Daisy or Townnsendia—right on time

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