Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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A road hike took us into the country above and below Agua Ramon.  We parked at the church and climbed to the cross.  On early Easter morning, several dozen people will take the same route.  
We saw snow squalls all around us, often covering Del Norte Peak and others, but none got to us until we got back to the visitor center.  Later in the day, one of our better snowfalls gently covered the earth with a white blanket that continues to accumulate today (Tuesday).

We 're enjoying several new hikers and welcome more; no charge, no dogs, but happy good spirits, please.

Community Pot Luck dinner tonight (at least that's the plan).

Next Monday, we'll try another dry hike (unless rain or snow accompanies us).  Meet at the visitor center before 10 a.m.

The target for the day

Hikers in front of Desi's house and church (our former sheriff).

Marilyn enjoys the smooth "trail"

near the cross in the "little tree" forest

twisted Pinyon pine

Everyone made it to the cross

Is this a holey tree?

Enough of this lunch stuff; let's get on the way

There was snow on the mountain (Del Norte Peak).  We'll go there in late June.


and down we go.

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