Wednesday, April 26, 2017

8 great iPhotos

English Valley was our destination.  Blue skies, volcanic rocks in many forms, and easy walking made a pleasant, warm day.  Our numbers got up to 11, suggesting that more healthy people are hiking or that more healthy people like the Spring-like weather.

We did see a group of 9 antelope.  We also saw the effects of last week's controlled burns of some of the terrain.

Next Monday at 10 we'll go somewhere with snow or without.  Snow is predicted for Thursday, but who knows whether it will be deep enough for snowshoes.

10 hikers, one Piñon pine, several big "towers," and not much green yet.  

One of the Valley's dramatic volcanic rocks

Two more

Seating for one

Linda says: "No lunch table here"

So--Stand up or lean for lunch

And then there's Marilyn.  But she made it back somehow.

We'll try to treat you better next week.

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