Wednesday, April 26, 2017

13 hiker Photos April 10

Welcome back to several hikers who had taken trips to exchange cold  and replace it with heavy rain. They got a sunny, lovely day for a hike, finding a few spring flowers and lots of sun on the SE side of our town's closest mountain (Sentinel).  We tried a "new" steep descent on two trails through the cliffs, to the W of Ramon's restaurant.  Two hikers were wiser and descended comfortably behind Doc's.

As the spring season progresses, we will continue our Monday 10 a.m. start times, until cool weather yields to warmth, probably until May 1, when we may shift to 9 a.m. and soon offer hikes on Monday and Wednesday.  

I'll check out the snow cover on Sentinel Mountain--it looks like ascent to the top (10,000') may be pleasant in mid May or sooner.  It is steep, although it is very close.  Get ready to walk up steep inclines if you want to make it.  We'll be going to other places that are less inclined on most days.  Here in the mountains, however, we must be going up or down more often than on the level.  But on average, we're balancing the up and down. 

Mountain Candytuft  4-9 One of the earliest spring flowers

Ball Cactus 4-9

New flowers ready 4-10

Del Norte Peak from Sentinel Mtn.  (We'll be up there in late June or early July)

Mtn Mahogany leafing out

Hikers moving up

An ancient Ute CMTree

Some of the 13 hikers

up to the ridge

Mystery flower

Lunch Log

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