Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Del Norte trails

Spring is here; the flowers appear.  The developing trail work by the Del Norte Trails organization continues--opening open space for healthy people to enjoy (and stay healthy). Only 5 of us from South Fork sought healthy exercise today.  More are welcome.
Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday hikers gather at the South Fork Visitor Center and head out into the mountains. Join us at no cost but at your own responsibility.  We'll show you beautiful places that require some exertion to visit.  With warm weather here, we'll work our way up into higher elevations.
Note:  Wayne and/or Dennis will have charge of Tuesday hikes for the next two or three weeks.
Judy and I will accompany about 30 on a Haskins Tour of Spain and its religious, botanic, and historic features, plus a bullfight.
Also note:  Nancy Lee is organizing interesting programs about the outdoors at the Visitor Center throughout the summer. Watch for her schedule and bring your visitors!
--Doug Knudson
hikers at base of Lookout Mtn., headed elsewhere.


Up there


Piñon pine cones in green phase


Cactus in Bloom


Last year's flowering stems


   One of many spp. of aster or daisy 05-'14, Del Norte


windswept juniper


This is a scenic! trail. Congrats to Del Norte


Another flowering Cactus


Dwarfed by the scenery


Maybe a Wyoming paintbrush




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